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Seriously, there are easier ways to make money. 

Now that I’ve said my disclaimer, if you are still determined to do this…

I’ll give you my honest opinion about trading and dispel some of the misleading information out there.

What is Algorithmic Trading and can an Individual do it?

What is algorithmic trading? Algorithmic trading is the exploitation of persistent market opportunities to make profits. It is done using ...
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4 Algorithmic Trading Strategies that Work in 2019

The markets are getting more sophisticated and efficient. It is almost impossible to be profitable in the long-run while running ...
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What is Walk-Forward Optimization?

Backtesting a strategy gives you a good understanding of what happened in the past, but it does not tell the ...
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How Much Money do You Need for Trading to Quit Your Job?

Photo by Mirza Babic on Unsplash How much money do you need for algorithmic trading? You need 20 times your ...
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What is Overfitting in Trading?

What is overfitting in trading? Overfitting in trading is the process of designing a trading system that adapts so closely ...
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How Can Retail Traders Beat Institutional Traders and Hedge Funds?

Our competition, the hedge funds and big trading firms, have billions in capital, teams of experienced and highly qualified portfolio ...
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​Lucas Liew is a guy who got lucky many times and mad​e some monies from trading…

Some background about him:

  • 2009: Was a trader wannabe (like everyone else)

  • 2010: Traded (small amounts) like an idiot

  • 2012: Joined a trading firm. Got mind-blown

  • 2014: Left the firm

  • 2016: Became an independent trader

  • 2018: Made his first million from trading

  • 2019: Having a bad year and trying not to lose everything back​