Style Guide

Our Objective

To simplify quantitative finance such that anyone can understand it in a short time.

Key Results

  • Provide a clear, concise and coherent explanation of the topic.
  • Explain your topic as you would to a 13 year old.
  • Our topic should be digestible within 3 minutes.


If it conflicts with our Key Results:

  • We reduce the amount of information in the articles.
  • We use analogies and simplify our examples.
  • We touch on broad ideas and don’t dive into details.

General Structure of the Article

  • Definition (keep it to one short sentence)
  • Description
  • Examples
  • Useful Links (Optional)
  • Links to Complicated Explanations
  • Related Terms

Try not to reorder, remove, rename or add new sections to your article unless doing so makes it easier for the reader to understand it.

The recommended length of each paragraph is 2 to 3 sentences. A paragraph should not be more than 4 sentences unless it is really necessary.