PT101: Practical Python for Finance & Trading Masterclass

Learn Python for Finance & Trading - Practical Ideas and Strategies for Modern Markets

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Link: AT101: Algorithmic Trading Immersive Course

This course is a work in progress. More lectures will be released in the future.

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Lucas Liew
Lucas Liew

Lucas runs Leonhart Capital, a fund that manages a 7-digit portfolio.

He worked at a proprietary trading firm, hedge fund and taught financial programming to Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC), one of the largest sovereign wealth funds in the world. He has been designing and building algorithmic trading robots since 2010.

Lucas has been featured on Investopedia and is one of the most viewed writers on Algorithmic Trading on Quora. You can read more about him on Quora and his blog.

Class Curriculum

  Chapter 3 > No Data No Trading - Getting Some Basic Data In
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